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Zu unseren Ausgaben:

Issue #1 (Oktober 2008) focuses on the question “Sociology – Quo Vadis?” and originated as an idea during the first German collegiate congress of sociology (Studentischer Soziologiekongress) in 2007 in Halle (Saale). 


Issue #2 (Oktober 2009) picks out the two sociological categories of “Community and society” as the central subject.



Issue #3 (Oktober 2010) was published as an eJournal and deals with the following: “Between lunacy and normality – or: Just the usual craziness”.


Issue #4 (June 2011) is about „FreeSpaces“.



Issue #5 (March 2012) focuses on the topic of „Death and dying“.



Special issue #1 (June 2012) analyses “Social participation: precariat, disparity, justice.”  



Special issue #2 (September 2012) adresses “Complex new world. Special issue with selected articles from the 2ndGerman collegiate congress of sociology in Berlin 2011.” 


Issue #6 (Oktober 2012) picks out the topics “Economy – employment – markets”.



Issue #7 (April 2013) was published about “Sex, gender, diversity and reification: (What for) do we need (a) sex?” veröffentlicht.



Issue #8 (Oktober 2013) gives attention to the subject of “Delinquency and social norms: Who actually deviates from what?”



CoverIssue #9 (April 2014) focuses on „Crises and changes: How do societies change?”